Kshatriya Community remained most respected and revered among all other communities. One always felt highly blessed & proud to belong to the community of valour. Our enviable rich history and heritage kept us always on a high pedestal. We always ensured to render selfless help & did good to members of the other communities without expecting anything in return. They always remained indebted and grateful to us.

What bothered us was that, our community some how could not maintain all that respect & glammer of the past. This situation is further deteriorating day by day. Self retrospection points towards lack of Academic Excellence & General awareness, Limited Economical Sources of Income, Introvertness, Political Aloofness, Sticking to Old Irrelevant & Redundant Customs/Traditions and the most important is rearing False Ego and ill Placed Attitude.

This was long playing in our mind. We did not know how to tackle such a herculian complicated task. Urgency was felt but how to start or make a beginning was the question.


Luckily, the News of Km. Pallavi Khangarot who topped in Rajasthan Administrative Services became source of inspiration A few eminent personalities of the Kshatriya Samaj of Ajmer gathered at the residence of Shri Bhawani Singh Mundru. To start with they pondered over as to what should be done to attract & encourage young talent of our Samaj to emulate Km. Pallavi as a step towards our vision.

A formal meeting was convened on 15 Aug 1999 at the residence of Shri Ajit Singh Khanpur where 21 of us participated. Everyone unanimously consented to the need of the hour and pledged full support. Resultantly formation of SHRI KSHTRIYA PRATIBA VIKAS EVAM SHODH SANSTHAN, was conceived and had come into existence.To formulize the creation of new Sansthan, everyone contributed Rs. 5100/- & became the Founder Members.

Later, Under the able guidance of Dr. Lokesh Shekhawat the rules and regulations were constituted and Vidhan Niyamawali (The Bye Laws) of the Sansthan were finalized. Approval of all the Founder Members was taken. There after SHRI KSHATRIYA PRATIBHA VIKAS EVAM SHODH SANSTHAN was registered with Registration No. : 70/Ajmer/1999-2000


With passage of time the Sansthan gained all round popularity in the Kshatriya Community & not only in Ajmer but whole Rajasthan. Consequently the membership increased tremendously and still increasing. Late Rao Hameer Singh Ji Meja, Ex. Chairman Railway Recruitment Board, had very kindly consented to accord patronage as Chief Patron of the Sansthan, He gave his dedicated services all along till he left for heavenly abode in 2014.

The Sansthan is on its never ending journey towards its vision of all round upliftment of the Kshatriya Community as a whole.

श्री क्षत्रिय प्रतिभा विकास एवं शोध संस्थान All India Kshatriya Federation द्वारा मान्यता प्राप्त है |

अब तक संस्था द्वारा 19 प्रतिभा सम्मान समारोह आयोजित किये जा चुके हैं तथा 20 वें सम्मान समारोह को निकट भविष्य में शीघ्र संपन्न करने की तैयारी चल रही है |